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Try our easy-to-use events, payments and people management software improving your admin workflow…  


Event Registration

 Quickly setup and manage flexible multi-day camps or trips, to speaking tours, concerts, workshops or simple meetings.

Donations & Payments

From simple payments, to multi-part payments, memberships, regular giving or sponsorships, we’ve got you covered.


Group Management

People live and participate in groups, so we make it easier for you to manage everything on both individual and group level


Smart Objects, Forms & Dashboards

Our smart objects and forms allow your data to respond to interactions, timelines and workflows. We’ve created a whole library of interactions out of the box and you can create your own based on your own workflow.


Smart Social Toolkit

Connect with your audience with out extensive suite of tools: Email, SMS, Push, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more, instantly, on a schedule or as a interaction trigger or drip campaign based on time past since last interaction.


Pay Online with CASH

Checkout online, and deposit your payment in cash at a post office, or other selected locations. Cash is king, and will remain to be.

PayId Bank Payment

Pay securely within seconds directly from your bank account with PayId and PayTo, part of the new banking system.


Crypto Payments

Use BitCoin Cash and other cryto to donate regularly or one-off, for selected events and fundraisers!

People CRM

Managing people and groups requires collecting and being able to use information quickly and easily. Our systems take a CRM approach so you can manage interactions with people and requirements of leaders all in one interface.

Integrate with... anything!!

Integrate with existing systems and databases as much, or as little as you need. We also have a series of API’s that can be extended to connect to other online services that you already use.

Privacy Centric

Our system was built from the ground up with modern privacy principals baked in. Our systems come fully privacy compliant out of the box.

Choose your
feature set.

Our systems are have NO monthly fees, NO contracts, and NO hidden fees.

We offer a simple quick turn-key event ticketing solutions, and a full service event management solutions with the option of in-house management.

Our basic and advanced plans come with features not available with other ticketing and booking services.

* Plus gateway charges which differ depending on if you use your own gateway or ours.



per ticket

Plan includes


Free Tickets For Free Events


Toll-free Phone & Live Chat


Event Setup & Configuration


Unlimited Events


Unlimited Registrations


1 Admin User


Our Payment Gateway


No Other Hidden Charges



+ premium module usage

All of Basic plus:


Hands-On Setup & Support


Unlimited Admin / Accounts Users


GoCRM or CRM Integration


GoDonate Fundraising


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn and more...


E-mail Campaign Manager


SMS Campaign Manager


Social Marketing Manager


Allocated Seating


Any Payment Gateway


Crypto + PayId Payments

Make Your Content a Priority.

WE certainly will.

Visualise your information

View your information on a variety of screen formats via a series of dashboards that update as information changes live.  Through a series of dashboards you can manage different groups with different requirements simply and easily.

Smart Rules & Alerts

We’ve created a whole range of smart rules and alerts that can be activated to notify you when information changes, one or a group of your people progresses through a workflow, completes an interaction, or simply schedule reports to be sent as your timeline unfolds.

Automate repetitive tasks

Here at GoRegister, we’re all about automating repetitive admin tasks so that you can spend more time focusing on creating more amazing and immersive connections with your people, and helping them interact and find information, or make a payment quickly and easily, without large overheads.

Turn folders of spreadsheets into intelligent automated reports and data flows; then watch your teams flourish as we your repetitive tasks. 

Featured Clients

We’ve partnered with well-known national, regional and local organisations  from all over the world for decades including:
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